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Nov. 1 dues reminder and membership application for all members!
Important Reminder:  To be eligible for MQHA points for year-end awards, an exhibitor must be an MQHA member at the time the points are earned.  Please make sure your membership is current!


2015 MQHYA

Youth World Team.


Congrats to every member who participated and helped MQHYA win the Spirit Award(high point team at the world show).  Teamwork at its best!!!!



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Small Fry

We Want You!

The MQHYA Small Fry Series is a program sponsored by multiple supporters. It is designed to offer exhibitors 10 and under multiple classes that develop skills and camaraderie inside and outside the show arena. Showmanship, Hunter Under Saddle, Equitation, Walk Trot, Horsemanship, and Trail classes allow young exhibitors the opportunity to compete with their peers and to develop the skills needed to move into the next level of showing. These classes are not AQHA point earning classes; however, they are designed to prepare young exhibitors for their novice youth and youth AQHA classes in the future. MQHYA Small Fry participants also become active in the youth program with the other MQHYA members. The MQHYA Small Fry classes are held during MQHA/MAQHA/MQHYA sponsored Shows throughout the year.   At the year end awards banquet held in January, any small fry exhibitors that participated in 5 shows (5 Judges) will be eligible for a participation award along with awards that are giving for placing 1st through 5th in each class. MQHYA Small Fry allows your young exhibitor to receive the “big horse show” experience without the pressures and demands. The MQHYA Small Fry Program stresses the fun and fellowship that makes horse showing great! 
This group of 10 small fry participates listen as Vicky Kinsey gives a presentation of the proper way to wrap a horse's leg.  Each small fry was given a chance to demonstrate what they had learned.    It was AWESOME to have a large group of eager small fry.