Nov. 1 dues reminder and membership application for all members!
Important Reminder:  To be eligible for MQHA points for year-end awards, an exhibitor must be an MQHA member at the time the points are earned.  Please make sure your membership is current!


2019 Mississippi Quarter Horse Youth Association
Meeting Dates

All Meetings, except phone meetings will be at Equine Center (unless otherwise noted) and will start at 6 :30 PM

Conference Call Information Below
Conference Call Number – 1-605-475-2875
Moderator Pin # 5658192
Say your name
If asked Participants Access Code 153 9027

If you are unable to attend to call or Text Bailey Carwile at 662-582-5969 or email @

3/12 – Equine Center
4/9 – Phone Meeting
5/14 – Phone Meeting
6/11 - Youth World Show Signup – Equine Center
7/9 – No Meeting Yes Conference
8/13 – No Meeting Youth World
9/10 – Equine Center
10/8 Phone Meeting
11/12 - Phone Meeting
December to be Announced



MISSION STATEMENT FOR THE MISSISSIPPI QUARTER HORSE ASSOCIATION: To provide beneficial member services that enhance and encourage Quarter Horse ownership and participation. To generate growth of MQHA membership through marketing, promotion, advertisement, publicity, and education regarding the American Quarter Horse.  

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