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Nov. 1 dues reminder and membership application for all members!

Important Reminder:  To be eligible for MQHA points for year-end awards, an exhibitor must be an MQHA member at the time the points are earned.  Please make sure your membership is current!

Nominating Committee Report November 8, 2022

The Nominating Committee placed the following people into nominations for their respective positions.

on the Mississippi Quarter Horse Association Board of Directors.

Tom McBeath, President

Brooke Ware, 1st Vice President

Molly Nicodemus, 2nd Vice President

Per our ByLaws, this notice stands as the 60 day notice prior to the annual meeting.

It is also noticed that per our ByLaws, other nominations may be made to the Board by any voting member 

providing the written consent of the nominee has been secured and said nomination will be noticed 30 days 

prior to the annual meeting.  No other nominations will be accepted at the time of the annual meeting. 

All Show Bucks earned for 2021 Year End Awards must be used at the remaining show- Holiday Classic. 
Show bucks are used for showing fees only.  They cannot be used for membership dues. 
They cannot .be carried forward to 2023.  USE THEM OR LOOSE THEM!


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