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Nov. 1 dues reminder and membership application for all members!

Important Reminder:  To be eligible for MQHA points for year-end awards, an exhibitor must be an MQHA member at the time the points are earned.  Please make sure your membership is current!

Latest Showbills:

Dixie National Patterns

All Hunter Hack Classes

Youth & Amateur Equitation Over Fences Classes: 170 and 171

All Age, Amateur & Youth Jumping Classes: 178, 179, 180

Novice Youth & Novice Amateur Equitation Over Fences, Progressive, Youth, Amateur & All Age Working Hunter Classes: 168,169,175,240,176,177

Level 1 (Novice Youth, Novice Amateur & Green) Working Hunter Classes: 172,173,174

Ranch Riding - AQHA Pattern #4 Classes: 550,551,242,243,244

Level 1 (Green) Western Riding (Level 1 AQHA Pattern #2) Class 103

Jr., Ama., Sr., Youth Western Riding13 & Under, 14-18 - AQHA Western Riding Pattern #2 classes: 104,105,73,123,124

Level 1 (Green) Western Riding (Level 1 AQHA Pattern #2) Class 103

NRHA Open Reining, NRHA Limited Open Reining, NRHA Intermediate Reining & AQHA Open Reining - AQHA Pattern #6 - Classes Class 39,40,41,42

NRHA Rookie I Reining, NRHA Rookie II Reining, AQHA Level 1 (Novice Amateur) Reining, NRHA Youth Reining 13 & Under - AQHA Youth Reining 13 & Under, NRHA Youth Reining 14 - 18 & AQHA Youth Reining 14 - 18 AQHA Pattern #8 - Classes 43,44,45, 46,47,48,49

NRHA Non-Pro Reining, NRHA Intermediate Non-Pro Reining, NRHA Limited Non-Pro Reining & AQHA Amateur Reining

AQHA Pattern #10 Class 51,52,53,54

Class 50 (NRHA Short Stirrup Reining has a change from Pattern 12 (that is in the book) to NRHA Short Stirrup Pattern 14.)

Trail - Select & Youth 14-18 Amateur & Senior

Trail - Green & Junior, Level 1 Youth/Amateur, Youth 13 & Under

Trail - Small Fry Walk Jog

Hunt Seat Equitation - Youth Amateur Select

Western Horsemanship - Youth Amateur Select

Showmanship - Youth Amateur Select

Western Horsemanship - All Level 1 Novice

Showmanship - All Level 1 Novice

Hunt Seat Equitation - All Level 1 Novice

Hunt Seat Equitation - Small Fry

Showmanship - Small Fry

Western Horsemanship - Small Fry

Working Cow Horse & Boxing Pattern for All Classes


Dixie National EWD - February 9 & February 10



Mississippi AQHA Director Position

Tom McBeath, long-time AQHA director, has been elevated to an AQHA Director-At-Large position. This opens an AQHA director position for Mississippi.

If you are interested in being considered to fill the AQHA Director opening representing Mississippi and the Quarter Horse industry, please take the following steps:       

Notify Tom McBeath, Mississippi Quarter Horse Association president, prior to the January 16 MQHA Convention, of your intent to present yourself for consideration.  The names of all interested candidates will be presented to the MQHA members attending the convention to determine the candidate MQHA will endorse.          

Complete the attached application and return it to AQHA on or before the February 1 deadline. 2016 Director Application Form

The application outlines the responsibilities and expectations of all Directors.   Please give careful consideration to your ability and willingness to devote both time and resources to meet the obligations of this important role. 

As Board members, please share this information with other individuals who may be interested in serving as an AQHA Director. Thank you very much!  

Susan Cain, Executive Secretary