The Dixie National Quarter Horse Show, the Southern Classic, is the premier event of the Mississippi Quarter Horse Association. Held in February on the State Fairgrounds in Jackson, Mississippi, it is the largest quarter horse show held during a stock show in the nation. The Dixie National Quarter Horse Show is the largest in the South and the third largest quarter horse show in the United States.


The national exposure the show receives makes it a gathering place for the top horses in the country and a field day for spectators.


With an average audience of over 4500, Free Style Reining, held on Friday night, is the most crowd pleasing class

 and demonstrates the great physical ability of the American Quarter Horse.


The Dixie National Equine Expo, the largest equine related trade show in the south, runs in conjunction with the quarter horse show. The Equine Expo features everything imaginable for the equine enthusiast. For information on booth space at the Equine Expo, please e-mail Diane at




2018 Dixie National Fences Patterns & Dixie National Jumping patterns

2018 Dixie National Trail Patterns

2018 Dixie National Patters for Showmanship - Hunt Seat Equitation - Western Horsemanship

All Working Cow Horse/Boxing Pattern 6

Level 1 Western Riding - Pattern 1

Western Riding - All Age-Amateur-Youth - Pattern 1

NRHA Open Reining - Pattern 10
NRHA Limited Open - Pattern 10
NRHA Intermediate - Pattern 10
AQHA All Age Reining - Pattern 10
NRHA Rookie 1 Reining - Pattern 2
NRHA Rookie 2 Reining - Pattern 2
AQHA Level 1 Amateur Reining - Pattern 2
NRHA Youth Reining 13 & Under - Pattern 2
AQHA Youth Reining 13 & Under - Pattern 2
NRHA Youth Reining 14 - 18 - Pattern 2
AQHA Youth Reining 14 - 18 - Pattern 2
NRHA Short Stirrup Reining - Pattern 14
NRHA Non-Pro Reining -Pattern 8
NRHA Intermediate Non-Pro Reining - Pattern 8
NRHA Limited Non-Pro Reining - Pattern 8
AQHA Amateur Reining - Pattern 8
All Ranch Riding Classes -Pattern 1