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Nov. 1 dues reminder and membership application for all members!

Important Reminder:  To be eligible for MQHA points for year-end awards, an exhibitor must be an MQHA member at the time the points are earned.  Please make sure your membership is current!

MQHYA would like to thank all of they exhibitors and sponsors of our youth show. We feel it was a Huge success. A special Thank You goes The Nicky Smith Family for their unwavering support of MQHYA.

Sponsorships Sold and youth who sold them.

All Around/High Point Winners

All Around Open - Invited Black - Lauren Stillings

High Point Level 1 (Novice) Amateur - Invited Black - Lauren Stillings

All Around Amateur - NO Doubt I Shine - Rachel Trebesh

High Point Level 1 (Novice) Youth - Lazy Like Honey - Kameryn Byrd

All Around Youth - A Timely Version - McAuley Ross

 Thank you for a successful show and we look forward to seeing you next March in Meridian.

Exhibitors must show to 8 judges at MQHA sanctioned shows in order to qualify for year end awards beginning with the 2018 point year.


Latest Showbills:
2018 Crawfish Classic
MQHA SUMMER CIRCUIT - June 2-3, 2018
June 2-3 Patterns

MQHA L1 YTH & L1 AMA Showmanship

MQHA Small Fry Showmanship

MQHA Yth Ama Sel Showmanship

MQHA L1 YTH AMA Walk Jog Horsemanship

MQHA L1 Yth L1 Ama Horsemanship

MQHA Yth Ama Sel Horsemanship

MQHA L1 Yth L1 Ama Hunt Seat Equitation

MQHA L1 YTH L1 AMA Walk Trot Hunt Seat Equitation

MQHA Small Fry Hunt Seat Equitation

MQHA Yth Ama Sel Hunt Seat Equitation


Level 1 Amateur & Youth  Pattern 14

Amateur & Youth                Pattern  8

All Age                               Pattern 10

 Western Riding

Level 1 (Open) & Level 1 Amateur & Youth   Level 1 Pattern 4

Amateur & Youth                                                     Pattern 4

All Age                                                                      Pattern 2

 Ranch Riding

Level 1 Amateur & Youth                                                Pattern 2

Amateur & Youth                                                             Pattern 2

All Age                                                                             Pattern 5

 Working Cow Horse

Amateur, Youth & All Age                                                  Pattern 10


Amateur & Youth                                                                  Pattern 6